Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP)

Bill presentment and bill payment over the Internet is clearly the future direction of consumer payment. The banking and technology foundations are in place and the market will drive adoption as the generations who are comfortable doing business on the Internet come to dominate the consumer marketplace. As with many technologies, there are advantages to adopting early for those who are insightful enough to do so. Eventually, any company that issues bills to consumers will want to employ EBPP.

At CSM we know the issues and we know the players. We can help you learn about this vital technology and investigate with you how it could be adopted in your environment.

Whether your company adopts EBPP for competitive advantage or competitive response, to save money or to take advantage of the huge marketing opportunities, your key to success will be based in a sound Business Case. We can work with you to develop your business case for this technology. We can help you to identify the hidden costs as well as assess the benefits you are likely to receive.

We can also assist with Vendor Evaluation & Selection (Bill print shops, consolidators, etc.). Whether you want to follow a formal RFP process or simply evaluate a few leading vendorís offerings, we can help you identify the solution that is best for your companyís requirements today and in the future.

Finally, our seasoned Project Managers can work with your staff to plan and execute a successful implementation of your EBPP project.

Click Here to request a download of our Microsoft Excel based EBPP Costing Model.

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